About Us

In 2013 I received a call that my father became ill, so we packed up the family and moved from Los Angeles across country to my hometown in northern Michigan. It was here my father owned a cash crop and cattle farming business.
A year later I was invited to represent our family at the signing of the Farm Bill by President Obama in Lansing, Michigan. The signing permitted an institute of higher learning or MDARD to grow industrial hemp for research purposes as part of an agriculture pilot program.
Years later, after very rough weather and weak commodity markets of 2018, we started looking ahead at what crops could replace some of the ones that weren't doing well. As luck would have it, in January 2019 Michigan passed the legalization of industrial hemp as part of the Michigan Industrial Hemp Research and Development Act.
Jumping into the unknown, we became proud licensees as growers and processors of high-quality hemp and, as a part of this program, documented the many stages from soil to oil for Michigan State University. 
Our seeds have been carefully selected and grown, using only the best sustainable and organic farming practices. From the preparation of the soil and the hand-shucking of every plant, each step of the way has been a labor of love and commitment. It's that love and commitment for farming that I grew up with, and through sickness and in health, I watched my father in the fields in all weather giving every drop of life he had for the world's food source. It's because of this unwavering perseverance, I'd like to dedicate making this opportunity possible to my parents, Bob and Loni Rosenow of Whittemore Farms.
When it comes to hemp extract oils, we've learned incredible things about this plant and its health benefits. From our family to your family, our hope is that you enjoy the product as much as we've enjoyed the journey. May it bring about a level of confidence, calm and comfort to elevate each day.
Robert and Karen Rosenow