Is CBD Cannabis?

Is CBD Cannabis?

Is CBD cannabis? What’s the difference between CBD and marijuana? How do I get CBD oil direct from the grower? 


 Is CBD cannabis? Yes, think of it like this, mother cannabis has two kids, first is marijuana and then there is hemp. Both have the same parent, but have different traits. They are the same height, look the same and smell the same. Almost identical twins accept hemp flowers produce CBD and marijuana flowers produce THC. Both cannabis, with different personalities. 


What’s the difference between CBD and Marijuana? CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of 113 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. THC is also a cannabinoid. Both compounds interact with your body’s cannabinoid system, they just have different effects. THC is the one that gives you that “high” sensation. CBD may treat pain, lower anxiety and reduce inflammation without the “high” from THC.


How do I get CBD oil direct from the grower? The first thing to look for when buying CBD is lab results. Does the company show and provide proof that their product contains CBD and is clean of chemicals and heavy metals. Rosenow Farms is a CBD company that is proud to display their lab results. They grow their hemp in northern Michigan in small batches to ensure the highest standards. Buying CBD oil direct from the grower is a great way to ensure you are getting high quality CBD.  

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