CBD oil in Michigan

CBD oil in Michigan
When I was a young girl growing up in Woodland Hills, California, a suburb of Los Angeles, it never dawned on me I would have the opportunity to live and work on a thriving industrial cash crop and cattle farm in Northern Michigan.

When my husband, Rob, made the decision to go back to his home to assist with the family business, I too made the decision to move my son and I, in order to keep the family together.

In 2018, cash crops were at an all time low, so we decided to look at alternative crops.

The farm bill was signed allowing Hemp to be grown in the state of Michigan. We threw ourself completely into the learning of every aspect of growing hemp as a viable cash crop.

We were elated when our first crop survived the October frost. We would now have 1 week to hand harvest about 1200 plants.

Rob came up with his own shucking (the removal of stems from the plant) and dryer system in our family’s barn in order to stay on schedule. In order to keep a close eye on the crop during every stage of processing, he also researched a hops dryer a few hours from home, in the hopes of pelletizing the flowers. This world was new to us, as many other farmers, and we found ourselves racing against time to get the hemp flowers processed. We had a few weeks before the plants would go bad and be considered a failed crop.

When we set out to do this experiment, we never knew it would take us over 12 months and four states to get it to the CBD oil we have manufactured today.

Thrilled to get the products in hand, we now faced the challenge of getting our product into the marketplace. We knew it wouldn’t be easy.

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  • MaryAnn D'Anna Ferko

    Karen’s father is my first cousin. I remember Karen as a young girl when she came to visit her grandmother. She played with my daughter as they were close in age. I have been getting CBD and peanuts from them for quite some time. Great people, great products
    You will always be satisfied with results 👍👌

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